8 tips, the latest fish shooting game formula 2022

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Do not fire unnecessarily

Fish shooting game, although it is a game format that can shoot auto, random shot, like spin auto like online slots. But what players will get is a loss from playing auto. Auto can be used, but must be use. Right timing by the timing of auto shooting fish shooting games, i.e. During the fishing season, during the bonus break, etc.

Do not forget to estimate the time

Fish shooting game There will be a time limit in each level if the player ufabet can estimate the time roughly. That the scene will change at any time, let the players leave the shooting range for a while. If the player misses to shoot fish or boss at that moment. Without your money is not enough, I can tell you that it’s definitely a loss, so watch the rhythm of changing the level. Along with watching small and large fish, shoot fish that are suitable for your funds.

Did you know that the power of fish can change?

Each fish, whether it’s a big fish, a small fish, a boss fish, bonuses, but they have different stats that are not the same, different, even if they are the same fish, the same stats are different. Therefore, players need to observe which fish escape from other players. That fish will be a profitable fish for the players. Whether it’s a big fish, a small fish, it can make a profit for you. It’s also another way to make players save the bullets. The bonus itself But for newbies, it is recommend to open and see how to play. How to play menu of that web site, what kind of fish. How many points do you have? Because players will be planning to buy ammunition itself.

Change the gun according to the rhythm of the game

If you are a new player, remember not to stick with the same gun, favorite gun, as some fish are not suitable for shooting, such as speed fish. But you still use a normal gun to shoot. It will make the player not hit. empty pellets Therefore, the player must change the gun. The right gun is an electric gun to shoot at a distance, or fish that come in and out of the scene quickly, can use electric guns to make a profit. And there will be some types of fish, such as dragon fish, a fish that players can not kill or kill in a single scene. So there must be enough guns to play with, but vice versa, if you see a big fish in the scene for a long time Players can use normal ammunition to shoot, etc.

don’t cheat the score

That we shot a fish near death like a boss. and think about changing the score to get a high score when the fish is near death If the player does this May not score as expected by players, so how many shots do you have? just take Choose to use the score that can be shot at all. If it is to change, it must be changed during the firing break gradually change the score used. This is better and will not cause the game to stumble The system is broken. The best way is not to change at all.

Do not measure luck with ammunition

If the points are running out Do not measure the speed with the tough fish is strictly prohibited, for example, a special PS, the player has to manage some small fish. because of the special fish If you shoot and don’t die due to the scene Players will change that fish to go. So if the ammunition is less Let players choose to shoot small fish, spin bullets, spin money first.

Don’t use random items

If a player has ever played a shooting game It’s often well known that it’s forbidden to use random items, whether it’s a laser gun or other items. Do not take it with special fish. Absolutely because it won’t get anything. It’s like exchanging old items for new ones. It’s a gamble I do not recommend doing this. Players should collect items for fish that are in swarms and must be large swarms in order to get their own points. will be the best way

Do not shoot special fish at the beginning of the game

Believe that if you are a new player I often play special fish shooting since their game. As said, if a player is a newbie Recommended to study fish scores, fish endurance, players will know why they shouldn’t shoot special fish at the beginning of the game. The first thing that players will lose is. free money player Can’t spin projectiles, can spin, not enough ammunition to catch big fish, etc. These are the disadvantages that players will encounter when shooting special fish at the beginning of the game.

In the event that the player has a large amount of funds can hear But if the capital is thick It is advisable to use expensive ammunition. Then change the level of shooting fish to a higher level is better. Because players will get the funds back faster than shooting the small fish itself.

Summary, how to play , fish shooting game formula for newbies 2022

Fish shooting game actually has many formulas to play. If players want to know Can see how to play online fish shooting games within this will consist of How to play fish shooting game Fish shooting game formula online from 2021 until 2022 for new players to fully learn how to play. but online gambling articles Fish shooting game recipe This time online is a basic online fish shooting game formula for newbies to know. If you don’t want to lose from playing free credits online fish shooting game If the player can do all the steps mentioned above. Trust me, players won’t lose from playing fish shooting games or yingpla, so trust sagame.