Robertson laughed louder after screaming at Benfica fans

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Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson laughed louder after screaming at Benfica fans. Who threw lighters at him during a game at the Estadio da Luz in the Champions League. Yesterday I’m glad to help the Lisbon falcon disciples quit smoking, no matter. How stressed they are because the football team lost at home.

Robertson, who made the first assist in the game. Where the ‘ Reds ‘ defeat the top team of Portugal with a 3-1 result, grab the advantage in the quarter – finals of the Champions League. Before returning to close the job at Anfield next week  

During the match, the atmosphere of Portuguese football fans was seriously strict, besides Luis Diaz. Who almost hit a branch from Benfica fans when shooting closed the box. The Scottish football team has also given away a lighter home again.  

“ It was a difficult game. Trying to take the lead in the first half, thinking that it can add more. Then the team focused more tightly, but when the egg was beaten. It seem to stir up the excitement of the local football fans ” Opening the mouth with ‘ BT Sport ‘

“ We’re sluggish too. So the third goal is very important. ”

“ Louis Diaz receive the ball well in the first place. Slip away alone, touched away from the goalkeeper and shot in. It’s his son, and the difference of two balls makes a difference. Hopefully the next match can be closed. ” 

“ Last night, several lighters were thrown over the corner of the flag – optimism, maybe it will help them quit smoking !”

“ But you have to try not to throw anything on the pitch. Because it might hurt someone Fortunately, it didn’t hit my head. ” 

UEFA accepted the report and sent a warning letter to Benfica. With penalties not yet available until it emerged that the severity of the relegation of light was a fine. To a heavy place, do not compete at home games