Souness slams JK for embarrassing behavior in winning chicken game

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Former Liverpool striker Graeme Souness has slammed Jurgen Klopp’s display of satisfaction in front of the fourth referee in their 4-3 win over Tottenham Hotspur as an act of disgrace.

“Reds” led 3-0 before, but were drawn to a 3-3 draw by the “Golden Spurs” third goal. The German boss later said that it should not have been a free-kick that led to an equalizer But in the end, the ufabet team came to get the winning goal from Diogo Jota.

The game’s final goal led to heartbreaking celebrations: Klopp hit the fourth referee before hilariously grabbing his Achilles tendon, which Souness called an act of disgrace.

“What Jürgen Klopp did on Sunday Running to the fourth referee and celebrating in his face, I was a manager before and I know there were times when I was ashamed of myself,” Souness wrote in a column for the Daily Mail.

“When you show aggression towards the referee It doesn’t look good. It’s not an argument that you win and it ends up with the problems Klopp is facing.

“I was sitting behind Liverpool in an empty stadium when they played Chelsea at home when they won the league three years ago. I learned that night that their bench was ready. As for controversy, it’s not just Klopp alone, they’re all. They are ready to face it.”

“Later I read Mark Clattenburg’s autobiography. And remember he said that Klopp is the worst of all managers when it comes to being a loser. That’s what we saw.