Xabier Alonso will work as trainer of Leverkusen Next season.

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Xabier Alonso will work as trainer of Leverkusen Next season according to the perspective of the sports director of Leverkusen team.

Simone Rolfes, sports director of Leverkusen Expressed confidence that Xabier Alonso will continue to work as a trainer for Leverkusen team next season. Amid news linked to Liverpool looking for a replacement for Jurgen Klopp, according to a report from ‘UFABET’ on Sunday.

Alonso recently agreed to a contract extension with Leverkusen until 2026 after being link with Real Madrid before extended the contract with Carlo Ancelotti for another two years, but the 42-year-old trainer became news again after Opp has announced his retirement at the end of this season and has named Alonso as one of the Reds’ options. 

Amid speculation about Alonso’s future, he is likely to leave the club this summer, but Rolfes, as sporting director, is confident the 42-year-old will stay with the club.

‘Yes, I’m sure,’ Rolfes said when asked if Alonso would stay at the club.

‘One [of the reasons] is the contract, another is he feels comfortable with his family, him and he knows what he has at the club.’ สมัคร ufabet

‘He still has a very good team. We will have a very good outlook for next year. And there aren’t many team changes.’

‘We will definitely have a top team available next year. This is all about the fact that apart from contracts, coaches like Xabi and players who are interest in other clubs are more likely to stay with us.’